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Vincent Martin



Professor and Canada Research Chair in Microbial Genomics and Engineering, PhD (University of British Columbia)


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Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology

Research Interests

Our laboratory views microbes as small "green" factories that can convert simple carbon sources such as CO2, glucose or even plant residues into valuable bioproducts such as fuels, commodity and specialty chemicals or pharmaceuticals. Using a combination of functional genomics and metabolic engineering techniques, we study microbes normally found in the environment in order to better understand their metabolism and physiology with the purpose of eventually engineering them as alternatives to producing, cleaner, better, cheaper or even novel products.

Selected Publications

Cluis, C.P., A.M. Burja and V.J.J. Martin. 2007. Current prospects for the production of coenzyme Q10 in microbes. Trends in Biotech. 25:481-534

Gold, N.D. and V.J.J. Martin. 2007. Global view of the Clostridium thermocellum cellulosome revealed by quantitative proteomic analysis. J Bacteriol. 189: 6787-6795

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Pfleger, B.F., D.J. Pitera, J.D. Newman, V.J.J. Martin and J.D. Keasling. 2007. Microbial sensors for small molecules: Development of a mevalonate biosensor. Metab Eng. 9:30-38

Couture, M.M.J., V. J.J. Martin, W.W. Mohn and L.D. Eltis. 2006. Characterization of DitA3, the [Fe3S4] ferredoxin of an aromatic ring-hydroxylating dioxygenase from a diterpenoid degrading microorganism. BBA-Proteins Proteom. 1764:1462-1469

Zhou, J.-M., N.D. Gold, V.J.J. Martin, E. Wollenweber and R.K. Ibrahim. 2006. Sequential O-methylation of tricetin by a single gene product in wheat. BBA-Gen Subjects. 1760: 1115-1124.

Yoshikuni Y, V. J.J. Martin, T.E. Ferrin and J.D. Keasling. 2006. Engineering cotton (+)-α-cadinene synthase to an altered function: Germacrene D-4-ol synthase. Chemistry & Biology. 13:91-98

C.D. Smolke, V.J.J. Martin and J.D. Keasling. 2004 Tools for metabolic engineering in E. coli In: Expression Technologies: Current status and future trends. Edited by F. Baneyx (Book Chapter).

Smith D. J., V.J.J. Martin and W. W. Mohn. 2004. A cytochrome P450 involved in the metabolism of abietane diterpenoids byPseudomonas abietaniphila BKME-9. J Bacteriol. 186:3631-3639.

Reiling, K.K., Y. Yoshikuni, J.D. Newman, V.J.J. Martin, J. Bohlmann and J. D. Keasling. 2004. Mono- and diterpene production in Escherichia coli. Biotech Bioeng. 87:200-212.

Martin, V.J.J., D. Pitera, S.T. Withers, J.D. Newman and J.D. Keasling. 2003. Engineering a mevalonate pathway in Escherichia coli for production of terpenoids. Nature Biotech. 21:796-802.

Martin, V.J.J. and W.W. Mohn. 2002. The isolation of DNA sequences flanking Tn5 transposon insertions by inverse PCR In: PCR Cloning Protocols (2nd Edition): Methods in Molecular Biology, vol. 192. Edited by B.-Y. Chen and H.W. Janes. (Book Chapter).

Martin, V.J.J., C.D. Smolke and J.D. Keasling. 2002. Redesigning cells for producing complex organic molecules. Feature article, ASM News. 68:336-343. (PDF)

Martin, V.J.J., Y. Yoshikuni and J.D. Keasling. 2001. The in vivo synthesis of plant sesquiterpenes by Escherichia coli. Biotech Bioeng. 75:497:503.

Smolke, C.D., V.J.J. Martin and J.D. Keasling. 2001. Controlling the metabolic flux through the carotenoid pathway using directed mRNA processing and stabilization. Met Eng 3:313-321.

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