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Vincent Martin



Professor and Canada Research Chair in Microbial Genomics and Engineering, PhD (University of British Columbia)


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Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology

Research Interests

Our laboratory views microbes as small "green" factories that can convert simple carbon sources such as CO2, glucose or even plant residues into valuable bioproducts such as fuels, commodity and specialty chemicals or pharmaceuticals. Using a combination of functional genomics and metabolic engineering techniques, we study microbes normally found in the environment in order to better understand their metabolism and physiology with the purpose of eventually engineering them as alternatives to producing, cleaner, better, cheaper or even novel products.

Selected Publications

Biot-Pelletier, D. and V.J.J. Martin. 2014. Evolutionary engineering by genome shuffling. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology. DOI 10.1007/s00253-014-5616-8. Published online March 5th 2014.

Fossati E., A. Ekins, L. Narcross, Y. Zhu, J.-P. Falgueyret, G.A.W. Beaudoin, P.J. Facchini and V.J.J. Martin. 2014.  Reconstitution of a 10-gene pathway for synthesis of the plant benzylisoquinoline alkaloid dihydrosanguinarine in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Nature Communications. Online Feb 11th.

Gawand, P., P. Hyland, A. Ekins, V.J.J. Martin, R. Mahadevan. 2013. Novel approach to engineer strains for simultaneous sugar utilization. Metabolic Engineering. 20:63-72

Mei X., Y. Zhang, X. Chen, E.-J. Lee, C. Barber, R. Chakrabarty, I. Desgagné-Penix, T.M. Haslam, Y-B Kim, E. Liu, G. MacNevin, S. Masada-Atsumi, D. Reed, J.M. Stout, P. Zerbe, Y. Zhang, J. Bohlmann, P.S. Covello, V. De Luca, J.E. Page, D-K Ro, V.J.J Martin, P.J. Facchini,, C. Sensen. 2013. Transcriptome analysis based on next-generation sequencing of non-model plants producing specialized metabolites of biotechnological interest. Journal of Biotechnology. 166:122-134

Wieczorek A.S. and V.J.J. Martin. 2012. Effects of cohesin-containing scaffold protein architecture on binding dockerin-enzyme fusions on the surface of Lactococcus lactis. Microbial Cell Factories. 11:160.

Burton, E., and V.J.J. Martin. 2012 Proteomic analysis of Clostridium thermocellum ATCC 27405 reveals the up-regulation of an alternative transhydrogenase-malate pathway and nitrogen assimilation during growth on cellulose. Canadian Journal of Microbiology. 58:1378-1388.

Wilde, C., N. Bawa, N.D. Gold, H. Tambor, L. Mougharbel, R. Storms and V.J.J. Martin. 2012. Expression of a library of fungal ß-glucosidases in Saccharomyces cerevisiae for the development of a biomass fermenting strain. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology. 95:647-659

Facchini, P., J. Bohlmann, P.S. Covello, V. De Luca, R. Mahadevan, J.E. Page, D.-K. Ro, C.W. Sensen. R. Storms, and V.J.J. Martin.  2011. Synthetic biosystems for the production of high-value plant metabolites. Trends in Biotechnology (Featured on cover page). 30:127-131

Cluis C.P., A. Ekins, L. Narcross, H. Jiang, N.D. Gold, A.M. Burja, V.J.J. Martin. 2011 Identification of bottlenecks in Escherichia coli engineered for the production of CoQ10. Metabolic Engineering. 13:733-744.

Pinel, D., F. D’Aoust S.B. delCardayre, P.K. Gill-Bajwa, H. Lee and V.J.J. Martin. 2011. Genome shuffling of Saccharomyces cerevisiae through recursive population mating leads to tolerance to spent sulfite liquor. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 77: 4736-4743

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