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Dylan Fraser



Associate Professor, PhD (Université Laval)


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BIOL 330 Vertebrate Biology
BIOL 457 Applied Ecology and Conservation Biology
BIOL 670 Scientific Communication

Research Interests

Our laboratory seeks to understand how ecology, evolution and genetics interact to generate and sustain biodiversity, how human activities alter this diversity, and how this collective knowledge can be applied towards more effective biodiversity conservation in a variety of contexts. To date, this research has involved a combination of field, laboratory and molecular studies on fishes, as well as data synthesis using meta-analysis.

Selected Publications

Yates MC (PhD), DJ Fraser (2014) Does population size affect performance in new, natural environments? Evolutionary Applications accepted.

Debes PV (PhD), DJ Fraser, MC Yates, JA Hutchings (2014) The between-population genetic architecture of growth, maturation and plasticity in Atlantic salmon. Genetics 196: 1277-1291.

Wood JLA (PhD), S Belmar-Lucero (MSc), JA Hutchings, DJ Fraser (2014) Relationship of habitat variability to population size in a stream fish. Ecological Applications in press.

Harbicht AB (MSc), M Al Shamlih, CC Wilson, DJ Fraser (2014) Anthropogenic and habitat correlates of hybridization between hatchery and wild brook trout. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 71: 688-697.

Gray QZ (MSc), JWA Grant, DJ Fraser (2014) Extirpation for conservation: applying predictors of extinction risk to eradicate introduced trout populations for lake restoration. Ecological Restoration 32: 59-67.

Fraser DJ (2013) The emerging synthesis of evolution with ecology in fisheries science. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 70:1417-1428.

Debes PV (PhD), DJ Fraser, MV McBride, JA Hutchings (2013) Multigenerational hybridisation and its consequences for maternal effects in Atlantic salmon. Heredity 111:238-247.

Palstra FP, DJ Fraser (2012) Effective/census population size ratio estimation: a compendium and appraisal. Ecology and Evolution 2: 2357-2365.

Debes PV (PhD), E Normandeau, DJ Fraser, L Bernatchez, JA Hutchings (2012) Differences in transcription levels among wild, domesticated and hybrid Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) from two environments. Molecular Ecology 21: 2574-2587.

Full list of publications: www.dylanfraser.com/publications/


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